MSG has designed, produced, and fielded a variety of aircraft mounted weapon systems for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. MSG has worked with some of the largest aircraft manufacturers to provide our customers the best ramp and door mounts in the industry.

H24-8 Air Systems

Machine Gun Mount

Our most common production model, the H24-8 family of mounts, accepts all versions of FN 7.62mm Medium Machine Guns including the MAG58, M240 and C6.  These mounts can interface to MSG-designed Air System swing arms, pedestals and mounting bases, as well as legacy components such as the Black Hawk/Sea Hawk door swing arm.  Field-of-fire stops are tailored to the specific airframe/customer requirements. Several options are available including:

    • 200 or 250 round 7.62mm Ammo Can Holders, fixed and folding (stowable) versions
    • Spent Link/Brass Catch Bags in 200, 250, 400, and 500 round sizes

SA8 Swing Arm

(Double Arm)

Optimized for use in aircraft, providing the best ergonomics for firing while minimizing space claim when stowed.

Arm lengths can be tailored to airframe requirements.

Allows the gunner to quickly deploy or stow the system.

Lightweight and simple to use, it provides the perfect support for any of MSG’s Air Systems gun mounts.


SA14 Swing Arm

(Single Arm)

The SA14 provides a lightweight solution with equally sophisticated engineering.  It connects to both MSG gun mounts and interface brackets, like the SA8.


Ramp Mounted


Part No. MAS-103

MSG has also designed ramp mounted weapon systems.  It can be quickly installed or removed, has field of fire stops, and can support a gun mount or swing arm.  MSG ramp mounts are the lightest in the industry.



Airframe Interface Bracket


Mounting bases connect either the swing arm or gun mount to the airframe’s structure (floor and/or wall).  MSG has designed strong, yet lightweight and space efficient mounting bases.  MSG’s Air Interface Brackets typically incorporate ammunition storage and spare barrel holder.

MSG has tested and fielded designs that can be integrated into a variety of aircraft:

  • AIB-1 MOD1 (CH-148)
    • Part No. MAS-111
  • AIB-2-MOD1 (S-76C++ and D)
    • Part No. MAS-101
  • AIB-2-MOD2 (S-76C++ and D)
    • Part No. MAS-102 Port Side


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