Outboard Ammunition Bins

.50 Cal Inboard

Ammunition Bins

The 2, 3  and 5 bay ammunition can storage bins are designed to rapidly attach to shouldered bolts on the left and right jack rails. The bins are designed to hold 200 round (Standard NATO) 7.62mm ammunition cans or 200 round (Standard NATO) 5.56mm ammunition drums or a combination of both.  The bins are fabricated from noncorrosive materials.


    • Jack Rail Kit
      • Part No. K70-048 Curbside
      • Part No. K70-047 Roadside
    • 5 Bay Ammunition Bin
      • Part No. M70-030 Roadside
      • Part No. M70-031 Curbside
    • 2 Bay Ammunition Bin
      • Part No. M70-549 Roadside
      • Part No. M70-550 Curbside
    • 3 Bay Ammunition Bin
      • Part No. M70-027 Curbside
      • Part No. M70-028 Roadside
    • 3 Bay Ammunition Bin Lightweight
      • Part No. GMV 60502


7.62 Inboard Ammunition

The 2  bay and the 2, 3, and 4 bay double stack ammo storage bins are designed to accommodate 7.62mm or similar-sized ammo cans within the confines of the vehicle.


    • 2 Bay Ammo Stowage Bin- Part No. M70-022
    • 2 Bay Short Ammo Can Bin- Part No. GMV 60006
    • 3 Bay Ammo Can Bin- Part No. M70-029
    • Double Stack Ammo Bin- Part No. M81-001
    • 4 Bay Double Ammo Bin- Part No. M70-585

Ammunition Stowage Bins are designed to hold double stacked .50 Cal or similar-sized cans inside the vehicle.


    • 2 Bay Ammo Can Bin- Part No. M70-244
    • 2 Bay Ammo Can Bin- Part No. M70-023
    • 3 Bay Tall Ammo Can Bin- Part No. GMV 60001
    • 4 Bay Ammo Can Bin 12.7mm/40mm- Part No. M70-020
    • 7 Bay Ammo Can Bin 12.7mm/40mm- Part No. M70-021


Ammunition Bins


    • L-Shaped 3 Bay Ammunition Can Bin
      • Part No. M71-012 Roadside
      • Part No. M71-013 Curbside
      • The L-shaped design holds two .50 Cal or four 7.62mm cans.
    • 3-Bay Road and Curbside
      • Part No. GMV 60005 Roadside
      • Part No. GMV 60004 Curbside
    • 3-Bay Ammo Can Crate
      • Part No. GMV 60011
      • Fits between the rear passengers of the HMMWV.
      • Accommodates 40mm or .50 Cal ammunition cans.
    • Grenade Holder
      • Part No. M70-249
    • Mounting Grenade Holder Plate

BSR (Barrett Shooter’s Rest)

Lightweight Low-Profile Tripod

  • Part No. TLW-100
  • A lightweight (4 pound) option for stabilizing weapon systems. The tripod is capable of supporting both machine guns and precision weapons.
  • The front leg can be adjusted to allow a very significant low profile compared to other designs. A Micro Elevation Adjustment Knob has been added to the mount receiver to allow shooters to make precise corrections making the tripod ideal for long range shooting.
  • Secured by a locking throw lever. When fully deployed, the rear legs can be secured by staking adjustable height knobs in the ground.
  • When not in use, the tripod can be easily collapsed by releasing the pin on the front leg, allowing it to fold under and close the rear legs, which are secured to each other by magnets.
  • Part No. BSR-01
  • The Barrett Shooter’s Rest (BSR) is a drop-in mechanical rest that supports the M107A1 or M82A1 .50 Cal rifles on the MSG Tripod, Swing Arms or the Universal Pintle Adapters (UPA).
  • A Ball and Socket Locking Mechanism allows the shooter to control cant, windage, and elevation then lock the weapon for firing.
  • The BSR’s recoil management system is a spring system that reduces the recoil of the rifle by 70%.

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