Ranger Fire Support System (120mm Mortar Carrier)

Polaris Dagor

Military Systems Group Ranger Fire Support System (RFSS) is made up of two vehicles, the Mortar Carrier and the Ammunition Carrier. Built on the Polaris Ranger 6x6 with a cargo payload of 1500 lbs., the Mortar Carrier can transport the M120 Mortar with the Mortar Fire Control System (MFCS), Pointer, PLUMMSS Control Box, PLUMMSS Programing Wand, 75 Ampere / 24 Volt APU, and 6 x 120mm mortar rounds of ammunition. The RFSS Mortar Carrier and Ammunition Carrier can be center-loaded in a CH-47. Both vehicles have a combined weight of 6400 lbs. with a 4 man crew, combat equipment, and 27 rounds of 120mm ammunition. The battery box provides an additional 8 hours of quiet system use. The system accepts power from the generator, vehicle, batteries, or AC connections. It can provide power to the hydraulic lift, the MFCS and communications seer, vehicle, and on AC outlet.


  • MSG offers a wide array of options for the Polaris Dagor, including the following:

    • A- and B-Pillar mounting brackets, Gun Mounts, & Swing Arms
    • Rear Adjustable Height Pintles
    • Lightweight Turret
    • Secondary Weapon station
    • AT-4 Racks
    • Ammo Storage
    • Pioneer Tool Kits
    • Cargo Box
    • Side Troop Steps
    • Fuel/Water Storage
    • Spare Tire Carrier
    • Hi-lift Jack Kit
    • Winch Kit
    • Radio Racks
    • Custom Designs
    • IR lights

Polaris MRZR


    • MRZR B-Pillar Pintle Bracket Assembly
      • Part No. RZR-050 Curbside
      • Part No. RZR-051 Roadside
      • Military Systems Group recommends the H24-Inline Machine Gun Cradle for this vehicle.
    • MRZR AT-4 Missile Rack Assembly
      • Part No. RZR-015
    • MRZR A-Pillar Pintle Bracket Assembly
      • Part No. RZR-025
    • MRZR 3 Bay Ammo Bin Assembly
      • Part No. RZR-038
    • MRZR 5 Bay Ammo Bin Assembly
      • Part No. RZR-041
    • MRZR Pioneer Tool Kit
      • Part No. RZR-001 or 500600
    • MRZR C-Pillar Pintle Assembly
      • Part No. RZR-020

Ranger Fire Support System [Ammo Carrier]

Kawasaki Teryx

Mounting Bracket

The Ammunition Carrier is designed on the same platform as the Mortar Carrier. The ammunition storage racks can hold twenty-one 120mm mortar rounds, four 5-gallon water or fuel cans, and four 200 round 7.62mm ammo cans. The rear of the vehicle has been outfitted with a cargo box, for BII and other mission essential gear. The top of the racks and cargo box have been fitted with litter attachment points to allow two litters to be secured to the top. Both vehicles are fitted with a mounting bracket to allow the use of the MSG swing arm for machine guns. Custom designed front bumpers can accommodate a spare tire carrier, as well as optional Pioneer Tool Kits. The bumper is designed to accommodate an electric winch. MSG also can provide optional recovery kits designed specifically for ATVs.

Part No. M10-300

The Kawasaki Teryx Mounting Bracket mounts directly to the roll cage in just a few minutes with simple tools, enabling the mounting of a MSG Swing Arm with an H24-12 sun mount. Several hundred systems are currently in use with USSOCOM. The cross bar with hand hold can be used to mount light objects such as GPS and smoke grenades.

Tom Car A-Pillar

Mounting Bracket

Polaris Ranger Mounting

Bracket Assembly

Part No. M10-320

The Tomcar A-Pillar Pintle Bracket Assembly mounts directly to the roll cage in just a few minutes with simple tools, enabling the front right passenger to operate a MSG swing arm system.

  • Part No. M10-306
  • The Polaris Ranger Pintle Bracket Assembly works on both the Ranger 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles.
  • The mounting bracket allows for the mounting of SA10 or SA12 swing arm systems. The H24-12 MOD2 maximizes the field of fire and field of view.

Norton Recovery Kits

Can-Am Commander

A-Pillar Mounting Bracket

  • KITS

    • Part No. KNRG-9000-JAC
    • Part No. KNRG-12000-JA
    • Part No. KNRG-12000-JAC

Part No. M49-001

The Can-Am A-Pillar Bracket fits the Commander series providing the passenger with the ability to mount a crew-served weapon.

Polaris Ranger

Expedition Kit

  • The MSG Polaris Ranger 6x6 and 4x4 Expedition kits are a custom designed Brush Guard with hood mounting system which accommodates a Pioneer Tool Kit, a Spare Tire mount as well as a reinforced structure design for a Warn Winch that allows self-recovery of the vehicle. The hood mounting bracket is designed to lift forward allowing access to the engine compartment. It is secured by locking pins that are attached to the vehicles A-pillars.
  • Buyers Note: This is a custom design for the Polaris Ranger series. MSG is capable of producing similar versions depending on the customer’s needs. Please inquire with the MSG sales team to outfit your specific vehicle.


  • Catch Plate replaces existing bed plate to secure a wide variety of cargo to the cargo bed floor.  The track design has a standard slot profile.  The catch plate has been pull tested to a maximum strength of 5,780 lbs.
  • Catch Plate has been installed in several different vehicle models from trucks to ATVs. Contact Military Systems Group for installation engineering requirements.

ATV Catch Plate

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