MK93 Machine Gun Mount


  • Part No. M36-001
  • The MK93 Machine Gun Mount mounts the M2HB .50 Cal MG and MK19 MOD3 40mm Grenade Launcher. MK93 mounts are used with the Universal Pintle Adapter (UPA), Traverse and Elevation Mechanism (T&E), and Bearing Sleeve and attaches to the socket on a vehicle turret A-Frame.  In addition, MSG has adapters to enable the MK93 to accept M240/M249, M60, and PKM series weapons.
  • The Dual Use Ammo Can Holder (Part No. M35-413) is designed for the MK93 and holds the NATO standard can holding either 40 rds 40mm or 100 rds .50 Cal.

Part No. M25-805

The M60 Adapter Kit allows the M60 machine gun to be installed without tools in the MK93 machine gun mount.

MK93 M60 Adapter Kit

M249/M240 Adapter Kit

MK 93 Tri-Rail Light Bracket

Part No. M35-800

The M240/M249 Adapter Kit allows the M240/ MAG58 and M249/MK46/MINIMI families to be used with the MK93 gun mount. The included ammo can holder accommodates a standard NATO 200 rd 7.62mm ammo can. The Dual Use Ammo Can Holder (Part No. M35-413) is designed for the MK93 and holds the NATO standard can holding either 40 rds 40mm or 100 rds .50 Cal.

Part No. M36-900

The MK93 Tri-Rail Light Bracket works in conjunction with the MK93 mount for the M2, M2A1, or MK19 MOD3.  The design permits easy field installation in under 10 minutes, enabling gunners to mount accessories such as the Crew Served Weapon Light (CSWL), the Surefire™ HellFighter™ series of lights, as well as long-range laser targeting and illumination devices.

MK 93 PKM Adapter Kit

Universal Pintle Adapter (UPA)

Part No. M38-100

The PKM adapter kit is designed to allow the MK93 to be used with the PKM family of weapons. Installation requires no tools.

Part No. M98-011

The Universal Pintle Adapter (UPA) is typically used in vehicle turrets/ring mounts that have a Bearing Sleeve. The UPA installs in the Bearing Sleeve and accepts any gun mount that has both a standard small pintle, such as the MK93 or M35 Medium Machine Gun Vehicle Mount (MMGVM).

Traverse Elevation Mechanism

Bearing Sleeve

Part No. M98-012-REVA

The Traverse and Elevation Mechanism (T&E) controls the traverse and elevation of the weapon system, facilitating accurate fire.  The MSG T&E improves upon the U.S. Government design by allowing the T&E to remain attached while in the unlocked position. The USMC designated MSG’s T&E as its standard issue as part

of the M35 mount.

Part No. M70-299-BLOX

The Bearing Sleeve is designed to mount into the A-Frame on a vehicle’s turret. It accepts the Universal Pintle Adapter (UPA) or other components that have a standard large pintle.  MSG produces two bearing sleeve sizes to accommodate vehicle/ gunner requirements.

100 Round .50 Cal and 7.62mm Ammunition Can Holder

Dual Use Ammunition

Can Holder

Part No. M36-413

This ammunition can holder is identical to the standard-issue MK93 100 round .50 Cal ammo can holder except that it also accommodates a standard NATO 200 round 7.62mm ammo can when used with the MSG M240/M249 adapter.

Part No. M35-413

This ammunition can holder, used with the MK93 Gun Mount, accommodates both the 32 rd 40mm and NATO 100 rd .50 caliber ammo cans.

H24-6 Machine Gun Mount

[SA10 Swing Arm Compatible]

H24-6 With Tool Kit and Bag

Part No. M24-095

The H24-6 has the following features:

  • an SA10 travel lock block
  • front and rear weapon  mounting pins
  • mounting clip for a NATO 200 round 5.56mm ammunition drum
  • ammunition can holder for a NATO 200 round 7.62mm ammunition can
  • grab handle that aids in weapon movement
  • standard NATO small tapered pintle

Part No. K24-095

H24-6 machine gun weapon’s mount with all the same features as the M24-095 with the addition of a tool kit and carrying bag.

H24-6 MOD1 Machine Gun Mount

H24-6 MOD2 Machine Gun Mount

Part No. H24-6-MOD1

The MOD1 mount has each of the features above with the following additions:

  • Single pin weapon mounting kit (in lieu of front and rear mounting pins)
  • 7.62mm brass deflector

Part No. H24-6-MOD2

The MOD2 incorporates each of the features of the MOD1 with the following modifications:

  • 7.62mm Inline Ammunition Can Holder (that runs parallel to the weapon)
  • Grab handle removed

H24-12 MOD1 Machine Gun Mount w/ Standard Ammo Can

H24-12 MOD2 Machine Gun Mount w/ Inline Ammo Can

Part No. M24-012

MOD1’s ammunition can holder is perpendicular to the weapon and comes with a grab handle.

Part No. M24-013

MOD2 has an inline ammunition can holder which is parallel to the weapon.  The parallel ammunition can reduces the width by over 6”, which greatly increases the range of motion, especially when firing from a curbside A- or B-pillar position.



Part No. K24-026-OGPK

The H24 OGPK is a modified H24 cradle that is designed to work in the U.S. Army’s Objective Gunners Protection Kit (OGPK).  The design moves the mount and weapon forward, providing the gunner optimal ergonomics while moving the weapon muzzle outside the armor protection.

Part No. M24-029

The Optimized Turret Mount (OTM) is optimized for use on a turret, pedestal, guard tower, or ground tripod systems.  The H24 OTM cradle has two adapter brackets, a front UPA bracket, and a rear T&E bracket. It allows the gunner to use the T&E mechanism, as intended, with a single click equating to a one mil adjustment.


It has the following features:

  • Single pin weapon mounting kit (simplifies weapon installation and removal)
  • 7.62mm brass deflector
  • Mounting clip for a NATO 200 rd 5.56mm ammunition drum
  • Ammunition can holder for a NATO 200 rd 7.62mm ammunition can
  • Standard NATO small tapered pintle

H60-6 Machine Gun Mount

H24-7 Machine Gun Mount

& SA7 System

Part No. M25-800

The H60-6 machine gun mount accepts the M60/MK43 family of machine guns and is specifically designed for use with the SA10 swing arm.  MSG designed features to rapidly insert and remove the weapon and safeguards to control both traverse and elevation.  The mount comes with a 200 rd NATO 7.62mm ammunition can holder.

  • The H24-7 mount is used in conjunction with the SA7 swing arm for the M249 SAW, MK46, MINIMI, M240, MK48, and MAG58 machine guns. It is designed to accept heavy armor shields with light or medium machine guns. The H24-7 comes with a 200 rd 7.62mm ammunition can holder, 200 rd 5.56mm ammunition drum attachment clip, grab handle, SA7 pintle, and travel lock.
  • The SA7 Swing Arm, also pictured, also allows the use of a heavy armor shield.  As designed, the SA7 system has train stops to limit fields of fire.
  • In the HMMWV example shown, the system mounts to the vehicle with Adjustable Height Pintle Posts.  However, the system can be used with other mounting brackets for other applications, including guard towers.

DShK Mount

DShK PKM Adapter

Part No. M37-100

The MSG DShK Gun Mount was designed for strength, accuracy, and modularity.  It is the only DShK mount currently on the market that can be used wherever a MK93 can be used, making it highly versatile and modular. The mount incorporates the charging handle, similar to Eastern Bloc versions.  All variants of the MSG DShK mount accept the MSG PKM Adapter. The MSG DShK Gun Mount family includes:

  • An optimized vehicle turret mount that drops into a Universal Pintle Adapter (UPA) for use with a Traverse & Elevation Mechanism (T&E).
  • A naval configuration that adapts to a standard naval MK16 MOD2/9 Tripod or MK16 MOD8 Stand and can incorporate an armor shield.
  • A more “traditional” Russian-style DShK mount that drops into the Russian ground tripod and incorporates a cradle friction lock to secure the cradle to the carriage.

In addition, the MSG Tri-Rail Light Bracket can be attached to all variants of the DShK mount.


Part No. M38-240

The PKM adapter is designed to work in conjunction with the MSG DShK mount, allowing the operator to use one mount with multiple weapon systems without the use of tools.

PKM-12 Mount

[SA12 Configuration]

PKM-10 Mount

[SA4/SA10 Configuration]

Part No. M38-212

MSG’s PKM-12 Machine Gun Mount is designed for use with the SA12 Swing Arms. It accepts the PK/PKM family of 7.62 x 54mm Machine Guns. The mount‘s ammunition can holder holds the 200 or 400 round 7.62 x 54mm ammunition cans.

Part No. M38-210

This version of MSG’s PKM Machine Gun Mount is designed for use with the SA4 and SA10 Swing Arms. It accepts the PKM family of 7.62 x 54mm Machine Guns. The mount‘s ammunition can holder accepts the 200 rd or 400 rd 7.62 x 54mm ammo cans.


PKM-7 Mount

Part No. M38-211

The PKM OTM (Optimized Turret Mount) is designed to work with a Traverse and Elevation and Universal Pintle Adapter.  Besides mounting the PKM, it has all of the advantages of the H24 OTM.

  • Part No. M38-700
  • The PKM-7 Mount is designed to work with the SA7 swing arm and supports customer-designated train limits/stops. The mount allows for the attachment of an armored gun shield bracket. The mount’s ammunition can holder accepts the 7.62x54mm 200 and 400 rd ammunition cans.
  • The system pictured below was developed for the Afghan National Army and Police for their Armored HMMWVs.  Over 20,000 systems are currently in service.

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