In the early 1980s, Military Systems Group recognized that it could assist the boat manufacturers and their U.S. Navy and Coast Guard customers in properly integrating weapon systems.  Thus, MSG was founded on naval mounts.


MSG has a wide array of mounting brackets, stands, pedestals, swing arms, and gun mounts optimized for a wide array of craft, firing positions, and weapons.  MSG has mounted weapons for U.S. military and Coast Guard customers from 18’ inflatable boats to fast attack submarines.  MSG engineers have produced mounting systems to overcome inherent maritime complexities:  the constantly moving firing platform; limited rear-working-circle for naval gunners; limited hard points to attach weapon systems; and a hostile and corrosive environment for most metals.


MSG’s SA9 systems address each of these issues, especially the limited rear-working-circle.  As an added benefit, the SA9 systems increases field of fire compared to competing systems.

H24-9 Machine

Gun Mount

SA9 MOD2 Assembly

  • H24-9 Gun Mounts support M240/M249-series weapons on SA9 swing arms.  They come with a 200 round 7.62mm ammunition can holder and clip for a 200 round 5.56mm plastic ammunition drum. MOD1 and MOD2 come with grab handles for the non-firing hand, a two-position elevation lock, and a depression stop.
  • The H24-9 MOD1 has a small tapered pintle and works with the SA9 MOD1.  The H24-9 MOD2 has a large pintle and works with the SA9 MOD2.  Both are NATO standard sizes.




H24 Gun Mounts with Small or Large Pintles

  • H24 Small Pintle- Part No. M24-020
  • H24 Large Pintle- Part No. M24-030
  • As a less expensive but less capable option than the SA9 system, 7.62mm weapons can be mounted without a swing arm on MSG’s non-corrosive H24 series mounts.  The H24 Machine Gun Mount accepts the M240/M249-series weapons and is designed for use on small gunboats. With its small or large pintle, it fits into a variety of stands, tripods, and pedestals.
  • As expected on maritime systems, it has train and depression stops.  The mount has interchangeable pintles.  The mount has an interface to attach armor brackets and shields.
  • This H24 Machine Gun Mount is safety certified by the U.S. Navy.
  • H24-9 MOD2 Machine Gun Mount
  • MK164 Adjustable Train Stop Assembly
  • SA9 Large Pintle Adapter Assembly
  • SA9 Large Pintle Adapter Assembly w/MK164 Train Stop
  • SA9 Arm Assembly
  • SA9 Base Assembly


Machine Gun Mount

  • Part No. M24-020
  • The MK93 MOD4 is a non-corrosive version of the MK93 Gun Mount  optimized for naval use.
  • MSG sells the following MK93 MOD4 items separately:
    • Interchangeable Pintles- Large pintle (for MK16 stands) and small tapered pintle for stanchions and other pedestals.
    • Stow Lock Bracket for use with MK16 MOD8/MOD9 Naval stands and tripods
    • .50 Cal 100- or 250-Round Ammo Can and Ammo Can Holder (non-corrosive)
    • 40mm Ammo Can Holder (non-corrosive) for 32 & 48 round cans
    • Steel Armor Shield and Bracket
    • Trigger Housing Assembly
  • MSG offers a variety of adapters for the MK93 MOD4:
    • M240/M249 Adapter (for MAG58/M240/MK48 & MINIMI/M249/MK46)
    • M60 Adapter (for the M60/MK43)
    • PKM Adapter (for the PK/PKM)

MK16 Tripod


Tripod Assembly

  • The MK16 Tripod, a USN/Crane design, was designed primarily for naval use, but can also be used in vehicle applications.
  • The top plate of the tripod has a four-hole pattern that accepts a wide variety of stands, pedestals, and swing arm systems.
  • Made from non-corrosive steel.
  • It is designed to handle all weapons up to any heavy machine gun, including twin .50 Cal M2s.

Part No. M03-602

The MK16 MOD8 stand (often referred to as the “flowerpot”) is a U.S. Government design that has been in service for over 50 years. The basic stand is cast from a “naval” bronze. This stand allows for heavy weapons, including twin .50 Caliber heavy machine guns, to be employed. A gasket is provided to reduce vibrations transmitted from the weapon system to the mounting surface.


(with MK164 Train Stop Assembly)

Adjustable-Height Flat Base Mounting Bracket

Part No. M03-600

Part No. M03-702

The Adjustable-Height Flat Base Mounting Bracket allows for mounting any MSG swing arm to a flat surface. In addition, the mounting pintle is adjustable to accommodate different gunner heights.

SVM-1 (Stand, Vertically Mounted)

  • Part No. M01-001

SVM-2 (Stand, Vertically Mounted)

  • Part No. M01-002
  • The SVM-series of stands allows any 5.56mm/7.62mm gun mount, equipped with a standard NATO small tapered pintle, to be attached to a vertical surface.
  • Optional train stops can be installed to limit traverse, an important feature in naval applications. A gasket is provided to reduce vibrations transmitted from the weapon system to the mounting surface.
  • The SVM-1 places the socket towards the gunner and the SVM-2 places the socket away from the gunner. The customer’s requirements determine which works best.

P-Series Fixed-Base Pedestals

(P3 through P41)

PS41 Plug-In Pedestal

  • Part No. M05-003 through M05-041
  • Military Systems Group’s family of fixed-base pedestals can be used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from boats to vehicles to guard towers and more.
  • Designed to handle any 5.56mm/7.62mm gun mount, equipped with a standard NATO small tapered pintle. The height of the pedestal is determined by the customer’s requirements and range from 3 inches to 41 inches. All pedestals in this series can be equipped with train stops, if required.
  • A gasket is provided with most of the pedestals to reduce vibrations transmitted from the weapon system to the mounting surface.

Part No. M06-041

The PS41 Plug-in Pedestal mounts a medium machine gun to a ships deck.  The unique feature of this pedestal is that the pedestal is removable from its base, concealing the fact that a pedestal and gun mount can be used in that location.

Pedestal Offset Pintle (POP)

  • Part No. M14-001
  • The Pedestal Offset Pintle (POP) is a seated rotating gun mount pedestal with an offset pintle socket. It is designed to accommodate weapons including (but not limited to) a single M2 .50 Cal,  MK19 MOD3 Automatic Grenade Launcher, H&K GMG, 7.62mm medium machine guns and 5.56mm light machine guns.
  • The POP is designed for complete 360 degree turns inside the wheel wells of vehicles, including HMMWVs, Land Cruisers, light, medium and heavy pick-up trucks. A brake is installed to keep the system secure when the weapon is being fired as well as a travel lock for when the system is unmanned.
  • The POP accepts a standard HMMWV turret Bearing Sleeve or a MK16 MOD8 stand. The seat height is adjustable and can be ordered with one of two seat back heights. The POP can be ordered with two different base heights. The base comes in carbon or stainless steel. MSG has designed interface plates for easy attachment to the HMMWV cargo bed.

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