Aft Tube


Offset Pedestal


    • 14 inch- Part No. M09-218
    • 16 inch- Part No. M09-029


Part No. M03-225

The Adjustable-Height Offset Pedestal is designed to provide a gunner with a 360° field-of-fire while firing heavy machine guns between wheel wells of a small cargo bed (e.g., Toyota Hilux).  At the end of the offset arm is an adjustable-height tube with built-in Universal Pintle Adapter (UPA).  MSG provides a wide variety of vehicle cargo bed interface plate designs and installation kits.

Pintle Post

HMMWV External

A-Pillar Mounting Bracket


    • 17 inch- Part No. M09-052
    • 19 inch- Part No. M09-028
    • 32 inch- Part No. M09-051


Part No. M09-020

Works only with a low profile air intake and front right windshield removed.

HMMWV B-Pillar Adjustable Height Mounting Bracket

HMMWV C-Pillar

Mounting Bracket

Part No. M09-150 Curbside

Part No. M09-152 Roadside

Part No. M09-048 Curbside

Part No. M09-049 Roadside


Mounting Bracket

Flat-Base Mounting Bracket

Part No. M09-059

Part No. M09-190

Adjustable- Height Dash Mounting Bracket


Pintle Adapter

Part No. M09-160 Short Pintle

Part No. M09-199 Long Pintle

Part No. M10-600

Pedestal Offset Pintle (POP)

MK16 MOD9 Tripod Assembly

  • Part No. M14-001
  • The Pedestal Offset Pintle (POP) is a seated rotating gun mount pedestal with an offset pintle socket. It can accommodate light to heavy machine guns.
  • The POP is designed for complete 360 degree turns inside the wheel wells of vehicles, including HMMWVs and pick-up trucks. A brake secures the system when the weapon is fired.  A travel lock is used when the system is unmanned.
  • The POP accepts a standard HMMWV turret Bearing Sleeve or a MK16 MOD8 stand. The seat height is adjustable.  It can be ordered with various base and seat back heights. MSG has designed interface plates for easy attachment to the HMMWV cargo bed and other boats and trucks.  The base comes in carbon or stainless steel.

Part No. M03-602

The MK16 Tripod was designed primarily for naval use, but can also be used in vehicle applications. The top plate of the tripod has a four-hole pattern that accepts a wide variety of stands, pedestals, and swing arm systems. The MK16 tripod is made from non-corrosive steel. It is designed to handle all weapons up to any heavy machine gun, including twin .50 Cal M2s.

Part No. M03-350

The MSG Adjustable-Height Pedestal is designed to be mounted in a cargo bed of any pick-up style truck behind the cab. This mounting location gives the maximum amount of space in the bed for other equipment, while providing a gunner with approximately 180° field-of-fire. The pedestal has an adjustable upper tube to accommodate a wide variety of gunner heights. This upper tube is machined to accept a standard Bearing Sleeve, which then mounts any weapon system. This allows for a wide variety of MSG-designed mounting brackets for swing arm systems, optics, and non-lethal devices. A wide variety of vehicle cargo bed interface plates are available.


Adjustable Height Pedestal

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