SA7 Swing Arm

SA10 Swing Arm

Part No. M11-001


The SA7 Swing Arm is designed as a heavy duty swing arm, capable of carrying the additional weight of an armor shield.  It is used in conjunction with the H24-7 or PKM-7 mount, listed separately.

Part No. SA10-01


The SA10 Swing arm is a double-articulating arm that incorporates a travel lock, friction locks, and improved lanyards for quick release pins.  This combat-proven design supports light and medium machine guns and mounts for vehicles, pedestals, and guard towers.  It is used in conjunction with the H24-6 gun mount.

SA11 Swing Arm

SA12 Swing Arm

Part No. SA11-01


The SA-11 Swing Arm is based on the SA-10 Swing Arm design but is only a single arm. The SA-11 is useful in operating areas with a smaller or shorter space to work within. It incorporates an integrated travel lock, friction locks, and improved lanyards for the Quick-Release pins.


The SA-11 Swing Arm is used in conjunction with the MSG H24-6 Machine Gun Mount


Part No. SA12-010


The SA12 Swing Arm is the industry’s most advanced swing arm. At 7 pounds, it is the lightest double articulating swing arm on the market.  Like our other mounts and swing arms, it meets MIL-STD-810G.  Made of a mix of metal and composite materials, it is strong, durable, and designed for smooth and silent operation.  The improved gun mount travel lock allows the operator to rapidly stow and remove the gun mount into the swing arm. The added throw-lever friction locks allow the operator to lock the arm more quickly and with more force.  Adjustable friction screws allow tightening and loosening of the friction locks.  Those friction screws allow gunner to add drag to either engage moving targets or targets while on the move.

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