M1165 Front Bumper:

Steel and Aluminum versions

Winch Plate Synthetic Line

Part No. GMV 20000 (Aluminum)

Part No. GMV 20002 (Steel)

The M1165 Front Bumper assembly has the following features:

  • Selectively reinforced extrusion for push and jacking capability
  • Integrated brush guard
  • Interchangeable winch fairleads (Lightweight aluminum or Roller)
  • Integrated IR light mounts
  • Accepts existing HMMWV tow-hooks

Brush Guard Extension Kit

Part No. K70-101



Part No. GMV 35001 Winch Plate

Part No. GMV 35011 Synthetic Line and Hook

Part No. GMV 35010 Hook

Designed to accept Warn winch (Part No. 64730) 75 feet synthetic winch line with 20,000 lb. breaking strength.


Pioneer Tool Kit

Extreme Lightweight HMMWV

Part No. M70-700



Pioneer Tool Kit

Lightweight HMMWV


Mounting Bracket

Part No. M70-402



Part No. GMV 64000

Aluminum light-weight mounting for Pioneer tools. Comes with PAC clamps to secure tools. Sold without tools.


Pioneer Tools

MSG Pioneer Tools are standard tools with the addition of Spray Liner to the handles that provides durability and a more aggressive gripping surface.


    • Axe- Part No. M70-315
    • Sledge Hammer- Part No. M70-215
    • Mattock- Part No. M70-217
    • Shovel- Part No. M70-216


M1165 Side Troop Steps

  • Part No. GMV 28001-001 Curbside Weldment
  • Part No. GMV 28002-002 Roadside Weldment
  • Part No. GMV 28007-001 Curbside Mounting Bar
  • Part No. GMV 28007-002 Roadside Mounting Bar
  • These running boards work across multiple vehicle platforms (contact Military Systems Group for details). Made from specialized aluminum alloy.  They have the capacity to hold three 230 lb. soldiers per section and have a high traction grating surface.
  • Quick disconnect features are included for ease of removal when not needed.  Mounting bar accepts side ammunition racks  (Part No.  GMV 6-502).

Side Troops Steps w/ Integrated Ammunitions Bins

Part No. M98-067 Running Board- Right Front/ Left Rear

Part No. M98-068 Running Board- Left Front/ Right Rear

This product incorporates both a standing platform and storage for 5.56mm and/or 7.62mm ammunition cans. These can be used in pairs (two per vehicle side) or individually. They attach to the lower sides of a vehicle using either an MSG Jack Rail or vehicle-specific mounting brackets. They are lightweight, yet each segment can support up to 700lbs.

Rear Troop Steps

  • The three Rear Weldments attach to the Rear Bumper Weldment, which attaches to the HMMWV’s rear bumper mounts.
  • The Rear Bumper and Configurable Rear Steps are made from a specialized aluminum alloy with a total combined weight of 139 lbs. designed to carry five 350 lb. soldiers.  The step can be configured up and down to meet mission profiles. The center step can be up with the side steps down or center up with one side up and the other down.  The Spare Tire Carrier can be attached to the Center Step when it is turned up.
  • The Rear Bumper Weldment is designed to use vehicle-installed MIL-STD-209K Lift and Tie-downs and it’s certified to SAE J847 Type I and Type II Towing.

    • Rear Bumper- Part No. GMV 33000
    • Rear Center Step- Part No. GMV 22002
    • Rear Side Step- Part No. GMV 22001


M1165 Rear Enclosure

Part No. GMV 63000

Designed to attach to the rear cargo area of the M1165 HMMWV and provides the customer with the ability to use armor or to save weight and remove armor per mission requirements. The rear enclosure comes with the following features:

  • Two operating heights: Full and Fly (CH-47 transport)
  • Two operating modes: Light (No Armor) and Heavy (Armor)
  • Facilitates secure cargo, ammunition and ruck-sack storage
  • Integrated MS33601B slot profile accepts cargo tie-down hooks
  • Specifically designed for Spare Tire Carrier (Sold Separately Part No. GMV 18000) and Ammunition Racks (Sold Separately. See Ammunition Management)
  • Accepts Aft Tube Assembly (Sold Separately. See page Brackets and Pintles)
  • Accepts a variety of ballistic panels and MSG can support a variety of requests

M1165 Catch Plate

  • Part No. GMV 6100 Cargo Area
  • Part No. GMV 61201 Wheel Well Curbside
  • Part No. GMV 61202 Wheel Well Roadside
  • Catch Plate was designed to facilitate securing cargo, such as ammunition, fuel, and water can storage on the cargo bed floor. It has an integrated MS33601B slot profile. Component pull tested to an ultimate strength of 5,780 lbs. for ANCRA double stud track fitting - 47556-11.
  • Catch Plate has been installed in several different vehicle models from trucks to ATVs. Contact Military Systems Group for installation requirements.

Ultra-Light High-Lift Jacks

  • The Ultra-Light High-Lift Jack was developed for the most extreme military applications.  This unique jack solution is now available to meet your toughest needs with confidence.
  • Additional options and custom configurations can be easily provided to satisfy the needs of specific customer vehicle platforms.
  • Ultra-Light High-Lift Jacks have been optimized for maximum lifting capacity in a lightweight, compact package that is quick and easy to deploy.
  • Jack designs are scalable to meet increased weight capacity or reduced lifting requirements.
  • Contact Military Systems Group for high volume production requirements or options to meet specific design requirements.
    • Tested to MIL-STD-810G (sand/dust testing and corrosion resistance)
    • Meets DoD and ANSI standards for vehicle lifting applications
    • Meets ASME PALD-2009 (Safety standard for portable automotive lifting devices)
    • Optional lightweight base-plate & lifting saddle
    • Additional models available for varied load capacity and lifting applications (8 and 10 Ton)

    • 6 Ton Ultra-Light High-Lift Jack- Part No. GSE 41006
    • 8 Ton Ultra-Light High-Lift Jack- Part No. GSE 41008
    • 10 Ton Ultra-Light High-Lift Jack- Part No. GSE 41010

Pull Pal

  • Part No. RW6000- ATV w/ 10" Spade
  • Part No. RW11000- Mid-Size w/10" Spade
  • Part No. RW14000 Military- Size w/14" Spade
  • Part No. RW16000 Extra Heavy Duty Pull Pal w/18" Spade
  • Pull Pal gets you up and over hill stalls and minimizes dangerous situations. It allows you more control even when you are alone. Saves time, transmissions, and tires.
  • Pull Pal is designed for winch-equipped Jeeps®, buggies, campers, 2-wheel drive, 4WD SUVs, Trucks, and Hummers®. Ideal for construction surveyors, search and rescue, utility, police, and rural maintenance vehicles.
  • Pull Pal is ruggedly constructed with a forged chrome-moly plow assembly, welded construction overall, and assembled with Grade 8 bolts for strength and quality.
  • Pull Pal gets your rig out fast. Simply insert the plow point into the soil. As the winch cable tightens, the point embeds itself deeply and firmly into the ground and frees your rig with the assistance of the wheels in motion.
  • Pull Pal folds compactly to the size of an ordinary bumper jack for easy storage. It can be mounted inside or outside or stored in Pull Pal’s custom carrying case.
  • We also offer FourTreks mounting systems to secure your Pull Pal to round or square-tube roll bars and bumpers.

Jack Rail Kit

Part No. K70-048 Curbside

Part No. K70-047 Roadside

The Jack Rail Kit provides structured support for use with High Lift Jacks. It also serves as an attaching point for side troop steps or ammunition storage bins.

Spare Tire Carrier

Part No. GMV 18000

The M1165 Spare Tire Carrier provides secure stowage of a 37x12.50R16.5LT Load Range D and E Goodyear Wrangler MT/R and BF Goodrich Baja T/A tires and 8 lug rim  (166 lbs.) The Spare Tire Carrier is mountable in nine configurations on the Rear Enclosure, Rear Step and Catch Plate.

Four Socket Lug Wrench w/ One

Deep Socket for Split Rim Hardware

Part No. M70-313

Spare Tire Bracket

Part No. M70-450

This spare tire bracket will accept any HMMWV wheel/ tire.

HMMWV Assault Cargo Rail

Part No. M70-009 Curbside

Part No. M70-008 Roadside

Assault Cargo Rail can be configured for multiple HMMWV models. This product serves as a load bearing bedrail with built in mounting for an MSG aft tube. Contact Military Systems Group for configuration options.

Seat Cushions

Part No. M70-099

Seat with Mounting Bracket

Grab Handle

Part No. M70-044

Part No. M70-099

Load-Bearing Vest Hook

Angled Grab Handle

Part No. M70-250

Part No. M70-045

Cargo Stowage Box Top and

 Front Opening

Part No. M70-131

The box fits between HMMWV wheel wells

Infrared (IR) Light

Part No. M70-296

The MSG Infrared (IR) Light kit includes a wiring harness and aids in night driving.

12 V DC

Waterproof Receptacles

Part No. M70-253

The 12 V DC receptacles can be attached throughout the vehicle providing operators with interior power sources.

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