28a Polaris Dagor Turret Supacat Turret 46 inch

Polaris Dagor Turret Supacat Turret 46 inch

MSG 46-Series Turret System (TUR2000)
A modular system that includes:
+ High load capacity 46” turret bearing (2500+ lbs.) with 20% more work space than the standard
US Military (42”) bearing and standard bolt pattern for additional components
+ Folding A-Frame, secondary weapon station, and ammunition stowage quickly fold into the
vehicle to rapidly load an MH-47 helicopter
+ Supports the recoil forces of an M230LF 30mm chain gun
+ A clutched, manual traversing mechanism with built-in travel lock assembly
+ Ammunition stowage configurations for a mix of .50 Cal, 40mm, and 7.62mm ammunition cans+ Rugged: tested to stringent US Military standards
+ Readily accepts a gunner protection kit