MRZR Anti-Drone Configuration

By admin | 06/17/2019

Dune Buggy Utilizes Lasers To Take Down Drones – iHLS This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew) It has already become common knowledge that it doesn’t take much effort to convert an ordinary commercial drone into an airborne threat. To military forces this threat is all too real.

DAGOR Competing for Infantry Squad Vehicle

By admin | 05/21/2019

This could be the Army’s new Infantry Squad Vehicle The Army is in the hunt for lightweight expeditionary all-terrain vehicle that can pack a nine-man squad and associated combat equipment. Dubbed the Infantry Squad Vehicle, or ISV, the Army is seeking to procure nearly 651 of the highly mobile lightweight vehicles spanning fiscal year 2020 […]

JLTVs Delivered to Army and Marines

By admin | 03/01/2019

The First JLTVs Have Been Delivered to the U.S. Army and Marines After years of testing, approval, contract awarding, and final construction, the first Joint Light Tactical Vehicle-of the initial 16,900 unit production contract-has finally been delivered by the Oshkosh Corporation to the two branches of the armed forces which will make use of it; […]

MRZR-X ATV on Display at IDEX 2019

By admin | 02/17/2019

Polaris Industries Inc., is showcasing its MRZR X multi-mode vehicle platform internationally at IDEX 2019.

Hmmwv Gun Mount and Swing Arm from MSG

HMMWV Machine Gun Mount and Swing Arm

By admin | 01/22/2019

Military Systems Group (MSG) outfitted this Special Forces HMMWV with mounts and swing arms to allow for the arming of the vehicle with an M2 Heavy Machine Gun and medium machine gun.

SXV from BC Customs

By admin | 12/21/2018

Mattracks Helps US Air Force Retrofit Search and Rescue Rig The Air Force has been working with Mattracks to upgrade its SXV midsized platform in order to give it the mobility required when running in snow, mud and other soft terrains while maintaining its capability in transition areas and hard surfaces.

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