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For over four decades, Military Systems Group, Inc. has been the world leader in weapons mounting solutions,
providing best-in-class designs and products to the most demanding and discerning customers in the world.

About Us

At Military Systems Group, we pride ourselves on the quality of our product and our commitment to working with our clients to find custom solutions to their unique challenges. Many among our leadership have served with distinction in some of the most elite military units in the world, so we know firsthand the importance of responsive and adaptable solutions.

Our expertise is unrivaled in the industry. Our experienced sales force and in-house engineers work in tandem with our customers, constantly innovating to improve functionality and lethality.

MSG Product Development Cycle


You will work directly with an MSG specialist with field experience to create a solution that is safe and effective. MSG's engineers and designers will work with drawings and 3D models to create your custom solution.


Our master metal fabricator and in house 3D printer will create in house prototypes. All MSG solutions are tested in-house with tests such as live fire, random vibrations, gunfire vibrations, hardware fatigue, and load crash testing.


MSG sees every product through the last stage of manufacturing. All machining, fabrication, and coating is done in house.

Vertically integrated solutions all done in-house by MSG Employees.

Military Products


We work with the domestic and allied militaries, vehicle manufacturers, and weapons makers to mount and integrate weapons and accessories. Our experienced sales team and engineers can help you find exactly what you're looking for.


Military Systems Group designs and manufactures weapons mounts for the best rotary wing and aviation units in the world. MSG designs are the lightest in the industry and incorporate best-in-class functionality and ease-of-use features.


MSG has produced mounting systems to overcome inherent maritime complexities: the constantly moving firing platform; limited rear working-circle for naval gunners; limited hard points to attach weapon systems; and a hostile and corrosive environment for most metals.

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