Hard Experience has Led to the Hawkei

By Military Systems Group Inc | March 7, 2017

Hard experience has led to the HawkeiThe Hawkei is a vehicle born of hard experience and grim reality in combat areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Taking all of what was liked about the Bushmaster, Australia’s first domestically designed and manufactured protected land vehicle is getting rave reviews before it is officially deployed with the […]

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Supacat HMT400 Jackal with Turret and Machine Gun Mount

By Military Systems Group Inc | January 6, 2016

Armoured car review: Supacat HMT400 Jackal Supacat is a name that’s hugely respected by off-roaders and largely unheard-of by everyone else. It’s not famous like Jeep or Land Rover – but its all-terrain vehicles come a whole lot closer to deserving the ‘go-anywhere’ epithet than anything you’ll find in a shiny showroom.

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eXV-1 ATV Swing Arm and ROPS Mount Ready

By Military Systems Group Inc | January 29, 2015

eXV-1™ Ultra-Light Stealth Utility Vehicle – Army Technology The eXV-1™ is a highly maneuverable and transportable state-of-the-art, 4×4 ultra-light mission vehicle that was designed and developed by MILSPRAY for special operating forces. The vehicle offers enhanced endurance parameters, increased protection and enemy detection avoidance capabilities. The MILSPRAY eXV-1 is operationally configured for C-130, V-22 and […]

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Osprea Mamba APC

By Military Systems Group Inc | September 19, 2014

Mamba strikes twice [AAD143] | Jane’s 360 South African company Osprea Logistics (Hangar 4, Stand C2) is now offering two versions of its Mamba Mk 5 (4×4) protected vehicle – one has a complete driveline from Magirus-Deutz, while the other has a complete driveline from Iveco. Spare parts for these are available from a well-established

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GAARV Machine Gun Mounts and Swing Arms

By Military Systems Group Inc | June 18, 2013

SOF Ground Vehicles | Defense Media Network The early months of 2013 find the greater U.S. special operations forces (SOF) community facing a number of recent and pending actions surrounding its ground vehicle platforms. In terms of recent acquisition actions, one of the most noteworthy events was the mid-January selection of a ground vehicle platform […]

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BC Customs SXOR with MSG Machine Gun Mounts

By Military Systems Group Inc | October 4, 2011

BC Customs (BCC) Search and Rescue Tactical Vehicle-5 (SRTV-5) Baja Racing-Type All-Terrain Combat Vehicle Armed/Weaponized with 7.62mm NATO Garwood Industries (GI) M134G Minigun/Gatling Gun: SXOR Mobility Vehicles Go Tactical for Military Special Operations Forces (SOF) Missions By David Crane ; defrev (at) gmail (dot) com All photos contained in this article were shot by […]

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