Supacat HMT400 Jackal with Turret and Machine Gun Mount

By Military Systems Group Inc | January 6, 2016

Armoured car review: Supacat HMT400 JackalSupacat is a name that’s hugely respected by off-roaders and largely unheard-of by everyone else. It’s not famous like Jeep or Land Rover – but its all-terrain vehicles come a whole lot closer to deserving the ‘go-anywhere’ epithet than anything you’ll find in a shiny showroom.

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eXV-1 ATV Swing Arm and ROPS Mount Ready

By Military Systems Group Inc | January 29, 2015

eXV-1™ Ultra-Light Stealth Utility Vehicle – Army Technology The eXV-1™ is a highly maneuverable and transportable state-of-the-art, 4×4 ultra-light mission vehicle that was designed and developed by MILSPRAY for special operating forces. The vehicle offers enhanced endurance parameters, increased protection and enemy detection avoidance capabilities. The MILSPRAY eXV-1 is operationally configured for C-130, V-22 and […]

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Osprea Mamba APC

By Military Systems Group Inc | September 19, 2014

Mamba strikes twice [AAD143] | Jane’s 360 South African company Osprea Logistics (Hangar 4, Stand C2) is now offering two versions of its Mamba Mk 5 (4×4) protected vehicle – one has a complete driveline from Magirus-Deutz, while the other has a complete driveline from Iveco. Spare parts for these are available from a well-established

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GAARV Machine Gun Mounts and Swing Arms

By Military Systems Group Inc | June 18, 2013

SOF Ground Vehicles | Defense Media Network The early months of 2013 find the greater U.S. special operations forces (SOF) community facing a number of recent and pending actions surrounding its ground vehicle platforms. In terms of recent acquisition actions, one of the most noteworthy events was the mid-January selection of a ground vehicle platform […]

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BC Customs SXOR with MSG Machine Gun Mounts

By Military Systems Group Inc | October 4, 2011

BC Customs (BCC) Search and Rescue Tactical Vehicle-5 (SRTV-5) Baja Racing-Type All-Terrain Combat Vehicle Armed/Weaponized with 7.62mm NATO Garwood Industries (GI) M134G Minigun/Gatling Gun: SXOR Mobility Vehicles Go Tactical for Military Special Operations Forces (SOF) Missions By David Crane ; defrev (at) gmail (dot) com All photos contained in this article were shot by […]

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