31 Gunner Protection Kit GPK Armored turret

Gunner Protection Kit GPK Armored turret

GMV 1.1 Gunner Protection Kit (GPK) (TUR2401)
The Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1 Gunner Protection Kit was designed and tested in conjunction with US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). This GPK is half the weight of the OGPK 2.0 while providing the same level of ballistic protection! The side walls are 16 inches high and incorporate a modular track system for stowage, external ammunition can holders and left and right hand secondary weapon stations. Additionally, an adjustable front armor plate accommodates various heavy machine guns and automatic grenade launchers. This GPK represents the cutting edge of turret and GPK design and will be feature on the new GMV 1.1 as the Operator’s turret of choice.