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Ranger Fire Support System [Ammo Carrier]

The Ammunition Carrier is designed on the same platform as the Mortar Carrier. The ammunition storage racks can hold twenty-one 120mm mortar rounds, four 5-gallon water or fuel cans, and four 200 round 7.62mm ammo cans. The rear of the vehicle has been outfitted with a cargo box, for BII and other mission essential gear. The top of the racks and cargo box have been fitted with litter attachment points to allow two litters to be secured to the top. Both vehicles are fitted with a mounting bracket to allow the use of the MSG swing arm for machine guns. Custom designed front bumpers can accommodate a spare tire carrier, as well as optional Pioneer Tool Kits. The bumper is designed to accommodate an electric winch. MSG also can provide optional recovery kits designed specifically for ATVs.

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