92 boat machine gun mount H24

boat machine gun mount H24

H24 Gun Mounts with Small or Large Pintles
• H24 Small Pintle- Part No. M24-020
• H24 Large Pintle- Part No. M24-030
• As a less expensive but less capable option than the SA9 system, 7.62mm weapons can be mounted without a swing arm on MSG’s non-corrosive H24 series mounts. The H24 Machine Gun Mount accepts the M240/M249-series weapons and is designed for use on small gunboats. With its small or large pintle, it fits into a variety of stands, tripods, and pedestals.
• As expected on maritime systems, it has train and depression stops. The mount has interchangeable pintles. The mount has an interface to attach armor brackets and shields.
• This H24 Machine Gun Mount is safety certified by the U.S. Navy.