93 – 50 cal boat machine gun mount mk93

50 cal boat machine gun mount mk93

Machine Gun Mount
• Part No. M24-020
• The MK93 MOD4 is a non-corrosive version of the MK93 Gun Mount optimized for naval use.
• MSG sells the following MK93 MOD4 items separately:
o Interchangeable Pintles- Large pintle (for MK16 stands) and small tapered pintle for stanchions and other pedestals.
o Stow Lock Bracket for use with MK16 MOD8/MOD9 Naval stands and tripods
o .50 Cal 100- or 250-Round Ammo Can and Ammo Can Holder (non-corrosive)
o 40mm Ammo Can Holder (non-corrosive) for 32 & 48 round cans
o Steel Armor Shield and Bracket
o Trigger Housing Assembly
• MSG offers a variety of adapters for the MK93 MOD4:
o M240/M249 Adapter (for MAG58/M240/MK48 & MINIMI/M249/MK46)
o M60 Adapter (for the M60/MK43)
o PKM Adapter (for the PK/PKM)