G-Class for Dutch Airborne Troops

By admin | 11/09/2018

Dutch airborne troops opt for G-Class for AASLT requirement | Jane’s 360The Dutch Ministry of Defence (MoD) is poised to sign a contract with Mercedes-Benz Cars Netherlands for 515 Mercedes-Benz G-Class-based 12 kN AASLT (Air Assault Vehicles). Subject to Dutch parliamentary approval, the actual contract signature is expected on 15 November at the NIDV 2018 […]

A-GMV 1.1 Delivered

By admin | 10/10/2018

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Delivers First Vehicles for U.S. Army’s Ground Mobility Vehicle Program ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems has successfully completed delivery of the first Army-Ground Mobility Vehicles (A-GMV 1.1) to the US Army. This marks the First Unit Equipped (FUE) with the […]

G-Wagon Mercedes MRV 6.2

By admin | 08/14/2018

Mercedes-Benz unveils G-Wagon MRV 6.2 multirole vehicle | Jane’s 360 Shaun Connors, Jane’s talks to Mercedes-Benz about their G-Class based MRV 6.2 multirole vehicle. According to Mercedes-Benz, the MRV 6.2 is now production-ready. The MRV 6.2 continues to be based on G-Class 461 series serial components, including the 3.428 m ladder frame chassis-cab chassis, which

HIMARS Rockets Fired at Ship

By admin | 07/12/2018

Official Story On The Rockets The Army Fired At A Ship During RIMPAC Doesn’t Add Up Artillery soldiers reportedly used short-range practice rockets when even standard types wouldn’t have had the range to reach the target area. US Army There have already been a number of notable instances where the U.S. military and its allies […]

CANSOF DAGORs with Turrets and M2 Machine Gun Mounts

By admin | 06/05/2018

Rise of the ultra-light military vehicle Globally, special forces are continuing to bear the brunt of deployed operations and as a result, there is a continuing need to adapt and develop these forces. Among the emerging requirements are faster, more agile and deployable ground vehicles than those with which general purpose units are equipped.

Army’s New LTATV Program

By admin | 05/31/2018

US Special Operators Need A Battle Ready Buggy They Can Cram Into A V-22 Osprey Existing all-terrain vehicles lack the desired firepower and protection, but larger vehicles simply won’t fit in the tiltrotor’s small cargo bay. US Army U.S. Special Operations Command is looking to find a light tactical vehicle that is more capable than […]

DAGOR with MSG M2 and FLETCHER Mounts on an MSG Turret

By admin | 05/23/2018

SOFIC 2018: Arnold Defense Showcasing FLETCHER on Polaris DAGOR Posted On At SOFIC 2018, the International Special Operations Forces Industry Exhibition Conference currently taking place in Tampa, Arnold Defense, the St Louis based international manufacturer and supplier of 2.75-inch rocket launchers, is showing a concept named the “FLETCHER” 2.75-inch/70mm Weapon System. Arnold Defense FLETCHER on […]

Bushmaster PMV Arrives in Japan

By admin | 05/18/2018

Four Bushmaster 4×4 PMV Arrive in Japan Bushmaster 4×4 Protected Mobility Vehicle (photo : DefenceConnect) ( Bendigo-Built Army Vehicles Arrive in Japan The latest tranche of Australian-built Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles has arrived in Japan this week. The four vehicles delivered this week take the total of exported Bushmaster vehicles to Japan to eight.

ATV MRZR with MSG A and B-Pillar M240 Mounts and Swing Arms

By admin | 05/06/2018

Armed Off-road Vehicle for the Army Using MSG A and B-Pillar Mounting Brackets and Swing Arms

Army to Airdrop GMV 1.1

By admin | 04/06/2018

Army tests new tactical vehicle by throwing it out of perfectly fine aircraft Low-velocity airdrop testing is underway for the Army’s new tactical mobility vehicle – the Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1. The Army first proposed an airdrop-capable, light off-road vehicle for special operations forces in 2014. The GMV 1.1 was recently airdropped for testing purposes […]

Nikola Reckless ATV with MSG SA12 Swing Arm

By admin | 03/24/2018

Video: Nikola Reckless ATV with MSG SA12 Swing Arm

Swing Arms and Machine Gun Mounts in use on the GMV 1.1

By admin | 01/26/2018

US Special Operators Demand More Firepower and Protection for Their Newest Battle Buggies Special Operations Command is spending millions on new turrets amid reports that the vehicles are too vulnerable for actual combat. GD U.S. Special Operations Command is planning to spend millions to refit a number of its newest light vehicles, known as the […]

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