USSOCOM Adds Armor to GMV 1.1

By - | 03/12/2020

USSOCOM Adds Armor to Increase Crew Protection on its M1288 GMV 1.1s – Naval NewsIn order to meet current and future combat threat environments, the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) based at MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida, has upgraded its fleet of General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems™ (GLDS), Flyer® Defense, family of […]

Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) RFP

By - | 03/06/2020

U.S. Army set to award contract for 1070 ultra-lightweight infantry squad vehicles The U.S. Army has released the request for proposals for new Infantry Squad Vehicles (ISV) to equip light infantry brigades with an ultra-lightweight vehicle. As a result of solicitation, the Gover… DAGOR AUSA 2019 DAGOR Turrets and Machine Gun Mounts Military Systems Group […]

U.S. Marine Corps Orders More Amphibious Combat Vehicles

By - | 03/03/2020

U.S. Marine Corps Orders More Amphibious Combat Vehicles from BAE Systems – Naval News BAE Systems has received a $113.5 million contract from the U.S. Marine Corps for an additional 26 Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACV) under the Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) phase of the program. BAE Systems press release This award brings the total vehicle […]

Report to Congress on Marine Corps Amphibious Combat Vehicle

By - | 02/28/2020

Report to Congress on Marine Corps Amphibious Combat Vehicle – USNI News The following is the Feb. 20, 2020 Congressional Research Service report, Marine Corps Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV): Background and Issues for Congress. From the report On January 6, 2011, after spending approximately $3 billion in developmental funding, the Marine Corps cancelled the Expeditionary […]

BAE Systems Trumps Cash-flow Expectations

By - | 02/25/2020

BAE Systems trumps cash-flow expectations BAE Systems (BA.) beat consensus forecasts for 2019 full-year free cash-flow generation, while boosting underlying cash profits by 10 per cent to £2.21bn, as performance metrics over the second half strengthened due to an increase in vehicle production deliveries and improved operational efficiencies. Military Systems Group is one of world’s […]

U.S. Army On The Hunt For Rugged Infantry Squad Vehicles

By - | 02/25/2020

U.S. Army On The Hunt For Rugged Infantry Squad Vehicles Everyone knows that military contracts can be extremely profitable for the corporations involved, though an added benefit comes in the form of bragging rights for companies that can say they’ve provided goods and services that help save the lives of soldiers on the front line. […]

Video: M-ATV Running Russian Tigr Off Road

By - | 02/20/2020

Crazy Video Emerges Of American And Russian Armored Vehicle Road Rage Incident In Syria Details about the incident are still limited, but a video has emerged online showing a U.S. military M-ATV mine-resistant vehicle running a Russian Tigr armored utility vehicle off the road somewhere in northeastern Syria. The incident reportedly occurred relatively close to […]

Marine Corps Amphibious Assault Vehicle Built to Battle Onto Enemy Beaches

By - | 02/19/2020

Step inside a 30-ton Marine Corps amphibious assault vehicle built to battle onto enemy beaches The 30-ton Marine Corps amphibious assault vehicles are the “the number one vehicle” to perform the amphibious assault mission, a Marine told Insider during a recent visit to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. These lightly-armored, fully-tracked vehicles are able to […]

Army Will Share Oshkosh’s JLTV Designs With Competitors

By - | 02/17/2020

Army Will Share Oshkosh’s JLTV Designs With Competitors The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is currently built by Oshkosh but the Army is seeking alternative manufacturers, who will get the government-owned Technical Data Package required to build it. The Army’s also reviewing how many JLTVs it really needs, Secretary Ryan McCarthy says. Military Systems Group is […]

Army Restores Funding for Infantry Squad Vehicle

By - | 02/17/2020

In FY21 budget, Army restores $200 million cut during FY20 night court The Army has restored, in its fiscal 2021 budget, funding to twelve programs – a total of just under $200 million – that it cut during its FY20 night court review, according to a document the service released Feb. 14. Military Systems Group […]

Objective to Purchase 651 Infantry Squad Vehicles

By - | 02/17/2020

Army’s Infantry Squad Vehicle Sparks Robust Competition SAIC-Polaris DAGOR SAIC-Polaris photo The Army is trying to fast-track the acquisition of an all-terrain, highly transportable vehicle intended to provide ground mobility capabilities for infantry brigade combat teams. In February 2019 the service approved a procurement objective to purchase 651 infantry squad vehicles, or ISVs. DAGOR Turrets […]

Slowing Production of Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle

By - | 02/13/2020

BAE York Plant Problems Trigger Big Army Cuts PENTAGON: Two of the three armored fighting vehicle programs being built by BAE System’s factory in York, Pennsylvania have been slashed in the 2021 budget. Pentagon budget 2021: Army and USMC opt to slow combat vehicle production at a BAE Systems facility Production challenges at BAE Systems’ […]

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