Dreaming Up a Way to Wage a War in the Arctic

The U.S. Military Is Dreaming Up a Way to Wage a War in the Arctic Sub-zero temperatures, penguins, polar bears, ice, glaciers and snowstorms all present challenges for possible combat operations. This is a growing concern among U.S. weapons developers now that the military is massively increasing Arctic warfare preparations. Increased activity in the Arctic, …

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New BvS10 Architecture

BAE Systems Showcases Generic Vehicle Architecture in the All-Terrain BvS10 BAE Systems is showcasing for the first time a version of the BvS10 all-terrain support vehicle at DSEI 2019, which will significantly streamline information load and increase situational awareness for crews. The versatile, tough BvS10 is fitted with a Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) equivalent system …

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BvS10 Offered as Arctic Solution

Army Looks to Replace Cold Weather Vehicle Small unit support vehicle Photo: Army Increased activity and competition in the Arctic are prompting the Pentagon to put a renewed focus on the region. The Army is now seeking a replacement for a vehicle that remains a cornerstone for its units in Alaska.

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