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Ranger Fire Support System (120mm Mortar Carrier)

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Military Systems Group Ranger Fire Support System (RFSS) is made up of two vehicles, the Mortar Carrier and the Ammunition Carrier. Built on the Polaris Ranger 6×6 with a cargo payload of 1500 lbs., the Mortar Carrier can transport the M120 Mortar with the Mortar Fire Control System (MFCS), Pointer, PLUMMSS Control Box, PLUMMSS Programming Wand, 75 Ampere / 24 Volt APU, and 6 x 120mm mortar rounds of ammunition. The RFSS Mortar Carrier and Ammunition Carrier can be center-loaded in a CH-47. Both vehicles have a combined weight of 6400 lbs. with a 4 man crew, combat equipment, and 27 rounds of 120mm ammunition. The battery box provides an additional 8 hours of quiet system use. The system accepts power from the generator, vehicle, batteries, or AC connections. It can provide power to the hydraulic lift, the MFCS and communications seer, vehicle, and on AC outlet.

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