​ACV Deals Emerge Unscathed from Force Design 2030

PREMIUM: ​ACV deals emerge unscathed from Force Design 2030 – Land Warfare – Shephard Media

The USMC Force Design 2030 blueprint, which intends to reduce the number of amphibious vehicle companies from six to four, does not affect agreements with BAE Systems to procure Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACVs). BAE Systems is continuing to execute ACV low-rate production. ‘At this time, our contracts are still tracking …

M240 Swing Arm
M240 machine gun on MSG Swing Arm fired from top of Vehicle.

Military Systems Group is one of world’s most widely used designer and producer of military machine gun mounting systems, Gunner Protection Kits and swing arms. MSG supplies Swing Arms and Machine Gun mounts for vehicles like the Amphibious Combat Vehicle. MSG is supporting customers in all domains; Land, Air and Sea.

Military Systems Group Inc

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