Marine Force Design 2030

Marine Force Design 2030: Reduce Tube Artillery, Increase Rockets, Missiles – Seapower

ARLINGTON, Virginia – The Marine Corps commandant has issued his plans for a major redesign of the Marine Corps’ force structure by 2030, with substantial reductions in some venerable weapon systems and increases in new systems. For example, traditional tube…Force Design 2030, signed out this month by Commandant Gen. David H. Berger, is aimed at more closely aligning the capabilities of the Corps with the National Defense Strategy, from a priority of confronting violent extremism to “great power/peer-level competition,” with emphasis on the Indo-Pacific.

U.S. Marine Corps to get rid of tanks, infantry battalions, howitzers, helicopters and more

analysis focus army defence military industry army In its restructuration program, the U.S. Marine Corps plans to cut tank battalions and reduce infantry units over the next 10 years while investing in new capabilities involving other equipment.

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