Military Systems Group GSA Catalog

Military Systems Group (MSG) GSA Catalog

MSG just expanded its GSA advantage catalog to include their latest vehicle turret, machine gun mounts, pedestals, swing arms and other vehicle accessories. The vehicles we cover include GMV 1.1, DAGOR, MRZR (Gas and Diesel), SXV, HMMWV, and NSV among others. With the products available on GSA, MSG makes it possible to mount nearly any machine gun .50 Cal or below, foreign and domestic, including the ammo, to nearly any vehicle. Create your own custom turret with a complete range of weapons mounts, ammo storage options and front shields. MSG provides products that expand the carrying capacities of various vehicles, most specifically, the GMV 1.1.

For over thirty years MSG has fulfilled engineering and manufacturing contracts for the U.S. military, its allies, and supporting commercial companies. MSG is the Program of Record manufacturer of the Gunner Protection Kit and Turret for the SOCOM GMV 1.1. MSG is also licensed by the Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center (formerly ARDEC) to manufacture multiple US Army Turret/GPKs.

MSG has sold tens of thousands of products mounted to military vehicles to dozens of organizations including the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines and US Special Operations Command. We have supplied foreign militaries including Canada, the Netherlands, Slovakia, UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Singapore, Chile, Poland, Thailand, and Brazil.

The link to MSGs GSA Advantage Catalog is here:

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