MSG Products Represented on World-Class Vehicles at AUSA 2019

MSG is the defense world’s leading source for machine-gun mounting solutions, turrets and gunner protection kits (GPK). Companies entering into the defense sector look to the decades-long, combat proven track record of MSG’s products and work with us to carry on that tradition. MSG’s products were proudly displayed on vehicles and in booths of veterans and new comers alike. Polaris, AM General, Oshkosh, Navistar, Tomcar and Nikola vehicles were outfitted with a mixture of MSG’s Swing Arms, Machine Gun Mounts, Turrets, T&Es, mounting brackets and more. These great companies get our soldiers to the hard to reach places on the battlefield. MSG gives these soldiers the ability to easily transport and effectively employ crew-served weapons against an array of threats during movement to the objective.

Polaris Dagor Turret Supacat Turret 46 inchMilitary Systems Group is one of world’s most widely used designer and producer of military machine gun mounting systems, Gunner Protection Kits and swing arms. MSG is supporting customers in all domains; Land, Air and Sea.

Military Systems Group Inc

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