The MG338 on MSG 338 Mounts on MRZR and HMMWV

This is another example of the MSG 338 mount, swing arms and mounting brackets playing a supporting role for the Sig Sauer 338. Task and Purpose published this video three years ago. There is a ton of great information in the video.

“The SIG Sauer MG338 Norma Magnum chambered replacement for the M240 Bravo. Will this finally be the episode where Chris Cappy will shave his arms or sell his 2004 Toyota Camry? Are we the only ones who think the .338 Norma Magnum round sounds like a 1950’s femme fetal? One thing is for sure, we’ll find out some new updates about the Advanced Sniper Rifle from Barrett is chambered in the same .338 Norma Magnum ammo type. In this episode, we’ll also look into the 6.5 Creedmoor. The Army and Marine Corps are eyeing the development of some new rifles. In the past year as the channel has grown, I’ve learned more from you all in the comments than I have reading various articles online. Hopefully, you still find the information interesting and I promise I’ll get it right next time.”

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